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Landscape Services

Beautiful Prickly Pear in bloom

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, while recognizing the significance of aesthetics create a functional outdoor space utilizing drought tolerant, site appropriate plant material and embracing the concept of minimal to non existent turf area. To provide sensible solutions to our clients current concerns while formulating long term strategies to enhance their existing space. Sensitivity to the surrounding environment during the construction process to minimize disruption is always on the forefront of our minds during the installation process.

Garden arch in a stone wall, cool lawn, and fountain grass

Site Management Services

Our maintenance team possesses the skills and has the level of expertise required to properly manage any site.

Site maintenance services are available to our clients only on a contractual basis.

Garden arch in a stone wall, cool lawn, and fountain grass

Related Services

The majority of plant material utilized by Earthwerks is furnished by Linnaeus Growers, a sister company of Earthwerks. Linnaeus Growers affords us the ability to provide our clients with hard to acquire, rarely seen, plant material. Hard to obtain plant material may be acquired though Earthwerks from Linneaus Growers.

Potted succulent arrangements may be obtained through
Organic Geometry @

Consultation is available upon request.